Patent search is one of the modern tools of analysis, used for solving a range of problems connected with the development and promotion of products, containing scientific and technical developments.

Patent search is conducted via analysis of patent information resources and other types of information, containing the latest data on the development of industrial products, and also on the current state and development prospects of the given type of marketplace. Type and scope of information resources depend on the object and aspect of search.

Rules for Submitting an Application:

The application is submitted to the State Authorized Body by the person who owns the right to obtain a patent. He/she can do this personally or through a patent attorney registered with the Authorized Body.

How much is the license of patent?

The period of an invention patent starts from the date of filing an application until the expiration of 20 years. The term of the utility model is from the date of filing the application until the expiration of ten years.

How to apply for a patent?

In order to obtain a patent you need to fill documents and submit the application to the State Authorized Body (Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of RA, Agency of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Armenia). also carries out services in Armenia in the field of patents search.
They include:

  • Find patents for a particular object of invention
  • Identify a potential and other possible uses of a new product
  • Identify patents in a specific field for the prospective value of a specific invention
  • Study the rate of innovation in a particular area

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